6th YWP CONFERENCE Technical Tours

The tours are designed to appeal to the engineer, scientist, environpreneur as well as those delegates who just wish to tour the city. All delegates will visit three sites, rotationally.

Site 1: The Organica Demonstration Water Resource Recovery Plant, Verulam

Unlike conventional wastewater treatment plants, the Organica Plant is essentially a stationary habitat for bacteria and plants to thrive off the nutrient rich wastewater, enhancing treatment in a relatively small unit that can be located virtually anywhere. Its innovative technology is energy efficient, sustainable and odour free.

Site 2: Umgeni Durban Heights Waterworks

The Durban Heights Waterworks is the biggest potable water treatment plant in KZN, supplying water to more than 50% of the Durban population. Its 150 m deep underground alternate raw water transfer scheme became instrumental in the city surviving the 2016-2017 drought.

Site 3: Durban Harbour’s Sub-Aqueous Tunnel 

The 530 m tunnel is 36 m below the mean sea-level. Its main purpose was to house two effluent pipelines that serves the CBD and leads to the Central Wastewater Treatment Works which discharges to the sea outfall. The other is a large water pipeline and numerous electrical cables.


All delegates are requested to meet at the Conference Venue by 8H30. Buses will depart strictly at 9H00. Please wear comfortable shoes and carry a hat and sunscreen or an umbrella, depending on the weather.


Delegates will thereafter experience a feel of township tourism by meeting for lunch at Eyadini Lounge in Umlazi.  For delegates wishing to travel back to the Conference Venue, first bus will leave Eyadini at 15h30 last bus at 17h00.